Turtle's Progress - Theme

Turtle's Progress (theme from TV Series)

  • (Breeze Records [BRE 501] UK, 1979)
  • (Alan Price)
  • Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
  • Publisher: ATV Music
  • Produced by Alan A. Freeman & Harold Spiro
  • Licensed from Pinnacle/Firebird


Once more with feeling I will try once again,
I will try to explain myself to you.
I may be down, but you know I've been around,
And every time I've seen those grey skies turn to blue
It's tough at the top, but rougher at the bottom,
and positively boring in between.
I don't loose my head, I just try and make some bread,
And get to places that I have never been
Eventually, some good luck will come along
Eventually, I'll get it right instead of wrong.
Because I know that one fine day, lady luck will call and say
Mr. Muggins, Mr. Muggins, Mr. Muggins, this is your lucky day!!!!


  1. Used for the closing credits, written and sung by Alan Price
  2. The single, performed by Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
  3. A re-worked version on Alan Price's 1980 album Rising Sun under the title Mr Sunbeam


You can look for copies of the single at gemm.com or rockofages.com

There isn't much in the way of music from the series available commercially, so here's what I've been able to find for your listening pleasure. These are mp3's so might take a while to download.

The Turtle's Progress titles which I found on a tape of stuff I recorded off the tv back all of 30 years ago. Sound quality is not great, but for the price it's a bargin.

The Theme song (815 kb) off the single by Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen. As far as I know this hasn't appeared on any other format.

Mr Sunbeam.