Hugh C Rae

RAE, Hugh C(rawford). Also wrote as Robert Crawford; R. B. Houston; Stuart Stern. Scottish. Born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire 22 November 1935, died 24 September, 2014, in Glasgow, aged 78

Educated at Knightswood School. Glasgow, 1940-51. Served in the Royal Air Force (national service) 1953-54. Married Elizabeth McMillan Dunn in 1960; one daughter. Bookseller, John Smith and Son, Glasgow, 1954-64. President, Scottish Association of Writers, 1974-78. from 1975 Member, Scottish Arts Council. Agent: Fraser and Dunlop Scripts Ltd., 91 Regent Street, London WI R 8RU.


  • Skinner. London. Blond. and New York. Viking Press. 1965.
  • Night Pillow. London. Blond, and New York, Viking Press, 1967.
  • A Few Small Bones. London, Blond, 1968; as The. House at Balnesmoor, New York. Coward McCann, 1969.
  • The Interview. London. Blond. and New York, Coward McCann, 1969.
  • The Saturday Epic. London. Blond, and New York. Coward McCann. 1970.
  • The Marksman. London, Constable, and New York. Coward McCann, 1971.
  • The Shooting Gallery London. Constable. and New York. Coward McCann. 1972.
  • Two for the Grave(as R. B. Houston). London, Hale, 1972.
  • The Rock Harvest. London, Constable. 1973.
  • The Rookery. London, Constable. 1974; New York, St. Martin's Press. 1975.
  • Harkfast The Making of a King. London, Constable, and New York, St. Martin's Press, 1976,
  • The Minotaur Factor (as Stuart Stern). London. Futura, 1977; Chicago. Playboy Press. 1978.
  • The Poison Tree (as Stuart Stern). London. Futura. and Chicago. Playboy Press. 1978.
  • Sullivan. London, Constable, and Chicago, Playboy Press, 1978.
  • The Travelling Soul. New York, Avon, 1978,
  • The Haunting at Waverley Falls. London, Constable, 1980. .
  • Privileged Strangers London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1982

a few small bones aka house at balnesmoor 1968 anthony blond

a few small bones aka house at balnesmoor 1969 coward mccann

a few small bones aka house at balnesmoor 1970 panther

a few small bones aka house at balnesmoor 1999 black dagger crime

badgers daughter 1974 sphere books

haunting at waverley falls 1981 new english library

hawkfest 1976 st martins press NY

Hawkfest 1976 constable

hawkfest 1977 sphere london

hawkfest 1981 heyne verlag

Marksman 1971 Constable London

marksman 1971 Coward McCann Geoghegan ny

marksman 1973 sphere

marksman 1973 sphere

marksman 1987 sphere

night pillow 1967 dell

night pillow 1972 penguin

rock harvest 1973 constable london

rock harvest 1975 sphere

rookery 1975 st martins ny

rookery 1976 sphere

saturday epic 1970 anthony blond

shooting gallery 1972 constable london

shooting gallery 1973 sphere

shooting gallery 1973 Sphere

shooting gallery 1973 sphere

shooting gallery 2014 280 steps

skinner 1965 anthony blond

skinner 1965 penguin books gb

skinner 1965 viking

skinner 1988 richard drew

skinner 2001 rivages france

sullivan 1978 playboy

sullivan 1979 futura

travelling soul 1978 avon books ny
As Stuart Stern

minator factor 1977 Futura London

minator factor 1977 futura

minator factor 1977 Playboy Press

poision tree 1978 playboy paperbacks

poision tree 1978 playboy paperbacks verso

poison tree 1978 futura

Novels as Robert Crawford

  • The Shroud Society. London, Constable, and New York, Putnam. 1969.
  • Cockleburr. London, Constable, 1969; New York, Putnam, 1970; as Pay as You Die. New York, Berkley, 1971.
  • Kiss the Boss Goodbye. London, Constable, 1970; New York, Putnam, 1971.
  • The Badger's Daughter. London, Constable, 1971.
  • Whip Hand. London, Constable, 1972.

Cocleburr aka Pay as You Are 1969 berkley medallion

Cocleburr aka Pay as You Are 1969 berkley medallion

Cocleburr aka Pay as You Are 1969 Constable

Kiss the Bboss Goodbye 1970 Constable

Shroud Society 1969 Putnam NY

Shroud Society 1997 black dagger crime

Whip Hand 1972 Constable

Whip Hand 1974 sphere

Novels as James Albany (Fighting Saga of SAS)

  • Warrior Caste (1982)
  • Mailed Fist (1982)
  • Deacon's Dagger (1982)
  • Close Combat (1983)
  • Marching Fire (1983)
  • Last Bastion (1984)
  • Borneo Story (1984)

01 Warrior caste 1982

02 mailed fist 1982

03 deacons dagger 1982

04 close combat 1983

05 marching fire 1983

06 Last Bastion 1984

07 Borneo Story 1984


  • The Freezer(broadcast1972 produced Leicester. 1973).
  • Radio Play: The Freezer, 1972.

Television Plays:

  • The Dear Ones. 1966;
  • Swallowtale, 1969.

Other Writing

  • Editor, with Philip Ziegler and James Allen Fort, Scottish Short Stories 1977. London, Collins, 1977.
  • Editor, Scottish Short Stories 1978. London, Collins, 1978.
  • A series of novels as Jessica Stirling

Dark Pasture 1978 Pan

Hugh C. Rae comments

There can be little enough to say about a person who has spent most of his life at a typewriter. Originally I made a technical and subjective differentiation between my "crime novels" and my "thrillers," publishing the latter titles under the name Robert Crawford. It was my belief that it might be possible, in Britain, to deliver material of some import in terms of theme and statement within the confines of the criminal roman, and my studies of the criminal and his victims in the early Rae novels are in effect studies of fragments of the Scottish environment and personality examined through the medium of the police investigation. A common enough technique but not one that goes down well either with serious critics, or with the reading public.

The lightweight guns'n'gals thrillers under the Crawford name were economically necessary if I were to remain a full-time writer. A branching out into "historical crime" with The Rookery, together with more experimental work in The Interview and The Rock Harvest led eventually to a broadening of the base, the "view of the fictional field," and to more complex medical/scientific thrillers (written with the direct help of a London doctor) under the name Stuart Stem. Most recently I have developed a keen interest in the "mythology" of international espionage and crime: a transatlantic approach. rather than a provincial one. Sullivan is an example.

My "technique" if it can be so called, is based on the synthesis of popularly available attitudes which I endeavour, to some degree or another. to turn around by using a supercharged and compacted language structure, a heightening of reality that creates a seriocomic irony between "Mass Image" and authentic historical fact between popularly disseminated "fictions" and how-it-is. At root, I'm interested in language and, through language, in character. Plot, per se, kind of follows on like a wooden duck on a string, though I am generally - now - inventive enough to bridge the credibility gap.

Quoted from Crime and Mystery Writers

Adaptions of his works

  • The Marksman (1987)
  • The Shroud Society as Man with a Gun (1995)