Diana Princess of Wales

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(Diana Frances; nee Spencer; 1 July 1961 - 31 August 1997)

Diana filled our hearts and minds in the final years of the last century. We loved her - right from the start. The official announcement of her engagement to Prince Charles on 24 February 1981 filled us with curiosity, as this charming and bashful young woman took possession of a walnut-sized £30,000 ring consisting of 14 diamonds and a sapphire. Our hearts filled with joy at her fairytale wedding at St Pauls Cathedral. Diana wore a gown valued at £ 9000 with 25 foot train and the finest lace. And we stamped our feet in fury as we were swept up into the intrigues of her marriage, and watched it fall apart in the late 1980s. While the world booed and hissed Camilla Parker-Bowles, we all forgave Diana for her infidelities and liaisons with riding instructor James Hewitt. The princess was in love.

Princess in Love

In 1994 Anna Pasternak wrote a biography of Diana, Princess of Wales that told of her love affair with James Hewitt.

This book tells the true story of the love 
between a woman and a man, a love that was 
both passionate and full of hope and yet, 
ultimately, hopeless. The woman was Diana, 
the Princess of Wales; the man was Captain 
James Hewitt. Their love lasted for nearly 
five years; this is their story. 

Author's Note

I first met James Hewitt two years ago and gradually, over the ensuing months, as a mutual trust developed, I learned the true story related in this book. Once the disintegration of the Prince and Princesses of Wales's marriage had become public knowledge, it seemed to me that the love that Princess Diana had shared with another man was too special to remain secret.

Not knowing the truth, the world has condemned James Hewitt. Now the truth can be known: that his love, support and encouragement played a vital role in helping the Princess of Wales through their marriage breakdown and enabling her to develop the inner strength she displays today.

Theirs was a love that arose through force of circumstance; I hope that this book, in showing why and how they were drawn together, will contribute to a proper understanding and sympathy for Princess Diana and her position as mother of the future King.

Source: Book Jacket, Author's note, Pasternak, A. (1994) Princess in Love, Bloomsbury: London

EbfordEnid and Daza were fascinated to learn of the amorous couple's secret trysts here in Devon. Diana Princess of Wales visited The Sheiling in Ebford, the former home of James Hewitt's mother Shirley. Shirley told Hello! magazine that the Princess of Wales used to wash the dishes when she visited the family home; ...and once cleared out a cupboard full of old bottles. "Diana said, 'What's all this? It's disgusting!' cleared the whole lot out and gave the cupboard a good wash.".

Daza says goodbye to Diana at HarrodsDaza says goodbye to the dear Princess at the Diana and Dodi memorial at the famous Knightsbridge department store Harrods.

When he misses her at home he whips out this 1981 Royal Wedding memorial tea towel.

One of these people is happy