John Batt (aka John Malcolm)

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lets make it legalJohn Batt (bn. 1929) is a solicitor who has written extensively about the law. His first book Let's Make It Legal written under the pen name John Malcolm, formed the basis of the YTV drama series The Main Chance (1969-75), as he was one of the team responsible for the creation of the another legal show for YTV: Justice (1971-73).

A chorister at Salisbury Cathedral, later gaining a scholarship to King's College, Taunton, he went on to compose, as John Malcolm, several theme tunes for TV shows including ITN News (Non stop), Mischief (1969), and The Main Chance.

In 2000 he represented Sally Clark who was convicted of murdering her two sons and ordered to serve two sentences of life imprisonment. John was part of her appeal team during her re-trial which ended in her acquittal.