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Anna Pasternak is a writer and member of the famous Pasternak family: her great-grandfather was Leonid, the impressionist painter, her great-uncle was Boris the Nobel prize winning novelist, her grandmother was Josephine the philosopher and her father is revered Oxford biochemist Professor Charles Pasternak. Her mother is an interior designer. Anna attended St Paul's Girls' School in London. In 1985, aged 18, she entered Christ Church College, Oxford University. Since then she has crafted a career writing about her own and others' disastrous relationships. Anna was in her thirties when she married her first husband Old Etonian journalist William Coles, who she met on a blind date in the Houses of Parliament when he was working as a lobby correspondent. She claimed she realised she had married the wrong man on her honeymoon and the ill-fated marriage lasted less than 18 months. At a cost of £60,000 it may well have taken longer to pay off. In 2011 Anna married second husband, her therapist psychic counsellor Andrew Wallas, at a quiet ceremony at St Peter's Basilica in Rome. She now sometimes uses the name Anna Wallas. Andrew and Anna have written a book together. They live in a country cottage in the Home Counties. She has a daughter called Daisy from a relationship with a younger man in between husbands.

Anna describes herself as someone who is daft, ditzy, desperate, daring, occasionally delightful and self-absorbed.

Anna and the Love Rat

It was an expose of the affair between James Hewitt and Princess Diana that brought Anna Pasternak's name into the public arena. While her name is publicly linked with the affair through her bio-novel, Princess in Love, others have suggested a murkier role in the Love Rat's ratting. People journalist Michelle Green suggested Pasternak was responsible for writing Hewitt's mucky kiss and tell articles in The Times and the Daily Express. It's also rumoured the two were lovers. From the Green article: "Poor Hewitt," said a former flame of Pasternak's who described her to the Evening Standard as a "love addict" sexually besotted with Di's ex. "I can just see her teasing the story out of him. He'll say something like 'I put her at the jumps and she was a goer,' and Anna will turn it into...'His manly form trembled with a desire he had never known.' "

After the success of her book, Pasternak interviewed James Hewitt about his royal liaison in which he reportedly answered 130 questions about the affair. Anna was reported in The Independent as saying: "Mr Hewitt is very frank, honest and candid about their physical relationship in the same way as the Princess was in her Panorama interview."

Writing Career

In 1998 Pasternak followed her book debut with the crashingly unsuccessful More than Money can Buy, a novel about Pandelis Vantonakis, a man who followed his instincts. His aspirations for money, power and rich women propelled him into the international shipping arena, where his intellectual sharpness and bullish manner enabled him to move quickly up the ranks.

She appears to have been more successful recently with a column and novel about divorce. But the genuine extent of her success is uncertain since she seems to have a satisfying relationship with Christine Bode's web-promo service that searches "...MySpace and Facebook for appropriate friends (fans) for the artist, adding them to their friends list and thanking each one individually with a comment." Christine also seems to be a dab hand at Amazon book reviews.


  • Daisy Dooley Does Divorce (2007)
  • More Than Money Can Buy (1998)


  • Princess in Love (1994)
  • Call Off the Search (2013) (co-authored with Andrew Wallas)

Newspaper Journalism


  • Diana, Princess of Wales: The E! True Hollywood Story, (1998)

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You Don't Know Anna Pasternak

Submitted by Guest on Mon, 07/02/2011 - 16:06.

There's no need for you to be nasty!  What do you gain by it?  Does it make you a better person to publicly slag people's hard work?

I was only employed by Anna for a short time in 2008 and helped her with her Facebook page for Daisy Dooley Does Divorce.  However, I got to know her through our many emails and she has become a dear friend who is so much more kind, thoughtful and spiritually evolved than most of the people who write comments about her online could ever know.  So we have to take all those sarcastic, spiteful comments with a huge grain of salt. 

You don't know Anna but if you did, you'd know that she only writes books from her heart (her work for the Daily Mail pays the bills), which is genuine and the size of the Taj Mahal.

Christine Bode

Enid's picture

I don't know Anna Pasternak

Submitted by Enid on Fri, 11/02/2011 - 19:03.

Does Anna vote Tory?

Enid lives in a trailer park, eats chicken curry pies and loves to walk on rainy beaches in the sand.