The Avengers: The Magnetic Man

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Cover image: The Avengers, The Magnetic Man, Berkley Medallion, 1968Author: Norman Daniels

Country United States
Format Paperback
Publisher Berkley Medallion
Publication Date 1968
Original Price UNKNOWN
ISBN 60¢
Book Number #8

The Magnetic Man is an original novel featuring John Steed and Tara King.

Back Cover Blurb

Super-agent John Steed goes to Hong Kong to pick up a suitcase filled with valuable papers. Steed is in Hong Kong less than an hour when he's knocked unconscious, and the contents of the case are mysteriously switched — to a huge sum of money!

Back goes Steed to London. There, he and Tara King set to work baiting a trap for the owners of the fantastic fortune foisted off on him — a trap that almost snaps shut on The Avengers themselves!


  • The Magnetic Man was the first of two Avengers novels to be written by Norman Daniels. Unusually Emma Peel appears on the cover despite not actually featuring in the book.

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