The Saga of Happy Valley

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Cover image: The Saga of Happy Valley, Albion Press, 1980Author Geoff Barlow

Country Australia
Format Paperback
Publisher Albion Press
Publication Date 1980
Original Price UNKNOWN

The Saga of Happy Valley is an original novel featuring John Steade and Emma Peale.

Back Cover Blurb

It was supposed to be a quiet picnic — that's what the top British secret agent told his stunning companion — a relaxing day far from the cares and curses of modern suburbia — superb food, exquisite wine, to be enjoyed in the charming surrounds of a tranquil Pennine glade.

Then came the roar of motorcycles, the drone of a jet engine, strange characters sporting medieval weapons, and the intrepid pair were racing headlong into an incredible new adventure. The clues to a fantastic secret were emerging — and a bizarre assortment of individuals was soon crossing paths and swords with the two investigators.

Thus began the Saga of Happy Valley — in which Steade learns that the humble canine is not necessarily man's best friend, and Emma finds herself a knight in shining armour.


  • The Saga of Happy Valley is an unofficial bootleg item and was only released in Australia. Rather unusually, despite its unofficial nature and defiance of the copyright laws, it was allowed to remain on sale.

Back cover blurb supplied by Stephen Barker

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