Bring Back Pluto

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Reinstate the planet!It was a planet one night when Enid and Daza went to sleep, but when we woke up it was gone. This meant that we should have thrown out all our reference books, posters, and all the guides to the planets in cube form that belong to all the children of the world. We decided that this just wasn't right! Pluto did all that was asked of it all those years without any complaint. It didn't deserve to be treated so poorly, so for us Pluto will always be a planet, and we think those in positions of authority in astronomy circles should reverse their decision. This page is our effort to try and do something about this appalling decision.

Reasons Pluto has to back a come back as a planet

  1. The new term Dwarf planet makes no sense if the the definition of a planet is that it has to be a certain size.
  2. This song doesn't work without Pluto: The sun's a hot star, and Mercury's hot too, Venus is the brightest planet, Earth's home to me and you, Mars is the red one, and Jupiter's most wide, Saturn's got those icy rings, and Uranus spins on its side, Neptune's really windy, and Pluto's really small, well we wanted to name the planets, and now we've named them all
  3. If something with the name Uranus can still be in the list of planets, it seems unfair to banish the far more socially acceptable Pluto.
  4. Michael Moore claims Pluto is backed by big business.
  5. Disney will kill their Pluto if we don't
  6. In astronomy Pluto represents subconscious forces, ruling all that is "below the surface", and is associated with renewal and rebirth. It represents endings and new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth and rebirth. All these qualities disappeared with its removal. Sure, we also lost the negative expression of Pluto which is an obsessive desire for power and control and general destructiveness, but renewal people, renewal!
  7. Think of the waste of all the paper from the books that are now wrong and will have to be thrown out.Friends of Pluto
  8. The planet had no direct involvement with Eddie Murphy's 2002 stinker The Adventures of Pluto Nash, so why treat it as a scapegoat?
  9. The common comment The solar system has eight planets can be misheard as The solar system has ATE planets, and that's just plain dumb.
  10. The band Pluto don't want to be constantly made fun of by fools who think comments like Didn't you used to be a planet are funny.
  11. The Republican party rigged the vote.
  12. Did anyone ask your opinion?
  13. My Very Extravagant Mother Just Sent Us... Nothing?
  14. Remember when Eight is Enough had to get small child number nine to ensure they had a cute kid to pull in the viewers. Same thing happened with Family Ties. It will happen with the planets I bet you.
  15. Of course we can