Chance Awakening (1977)

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chance_awakening_1977_souvenir_press_hb A novel by George Markstein, filmed for the screen as Espion, lève-toi (aka Spy Rise Up)

We Plant A Sleeper. We Leave Him, Submerged, For Years. He's Human. He Leads A Normal Life. When He Is Woken Up And Summoned To Duty ...

A catalogue of second-hand books in the post one morning. One page marked in red ink.

For Michael Golly, London businessman, it was the code he'd been expecting, even fearing, for years.

Because Michael was a sleeper. Planted by Central and left to build a cover. A cover for the day his Control made connection and the sleeper woke.

When that day dawned, how could Michael know if the man who said he was Control really was? How could he trust anybody, for a minute, for the rest of his life ...

Tantalising ... full of who's-doing-what-to-whom bluffs Guardian

Keeps the reader constantly guessing, constantly alert Financial Times

Strongly Recommended Daily Express