The Man Who Sold Death

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First published in 1964 under James Mitchell's pen-name James Munro.

John Craig is a one-man success story. As a lieutenant in the Navy's Special Boat Service danger was a part of the air he breathed.

After the war his success continued -as a smuggler in Tangier and later as director of a shipping line. Success in everything.... until the day someone fixed an explosive charge under his car, and blew it to pieces. And the man inside it.

Then Craig ran. He was a fine pistol shot and a brilliant judoka-but he ran. The men who tried to kill him were fanatics, ruthless, driven mad with devotion to an impossible idea-renegade soldiers who believed that whatever happened. Algeria must stay French. For that idea they would rob, torture, murder. Craig knew they had marked him and his friends for death. One by one they were going to kill them. Craig at last had to hit back. He knew he could not do it alone, and one department of the British Secret Service was prepared to help him-at a price. Department K, that scary special department which attended to jobs too dangerous-or too dirty-for anyone else. In Craig they found the executioner they were seeking.

How Craig hit back is the subject of this bizarre and fast moving thriller. Location-London and the south of France, Action on every page.

1964 Hammond (UK)

1966 Bantam (US)

1966 Bantam (US) verso

1966 Basak (Turkey)

1966 Corgi (UK)

1976 Corgi (UK)

1980 Charter (US)

1980 Charter (US) verso

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